Our team is a blend of talent without titles or levels, we are an ever changing story. As an organization, we want people to feel they can jump on board with the team knowing their role or maybe discovering it on their own. Our Consultancy and Foundation both strive to assemble knowledgeable, flexible, and dedicated teams who follow a passion, love or dream they have always wanted to explore.

Propel has and continues to welcome and invite thoughtful, energetic, compassionate, and dedicated team members. Our growing group comes from all over the United States and many of the countries that we work with. Their unwavering energy and insightfulness helps Propel to develop, implement, and sustain programs around the world and in the United States through listening and collaborating. Our team collaborates with other individuals to help strengthen our effectiveness. Building strong ties with the people we work with is a very important goal of Propel. Propel welcomes input from that wide range of thinkers and also appreciates the output in collaboration with the people we are working with.

The love of people and cultures as a whole is vital to the success of this organization. While Propel values the people we have helped, our team members have gained so much from their experience. Each member has a different story of the impact Propel has had on their lives.   

Contact Mickey Woolard at mawoolard@propelteaching.org if you are interested in getting involved.
Mickey A. Woolard, Founder

The Propel Team 

Listen. Plan. Educate. Propel.

Mickey Woolard 

Founder Propel Education Consultancy, CEO Chief Developer and Facilitator of all Educational Training Modules

Mickey Woolard founded Propel Educational Consultancy after spending more than 30 years in classroom education and administration. Mickey
has brought his passion for education and his infectious energy to a variety of schools and grade levels, successfully blending classroom teaching and administrative roles in elementary through high schools and university levels. ‚ÄčIn 2014, Mickey founded Propel in order to leverage his years of experience in building, implementing, and assessing curriculum. Collaboration through instructional coaching, presenting teacher workshops, and community development education he creates learning opportunities for other teachers, and ultimately students. Currently, Mickey works with teachers, students, non-profits, and start-ups, domestically and around the world.