Listen. Plan. Educate. Propel.

Propel provides successful programs and curriculum to help build sustainable communities.

Our Approach - A 4-Step Process to Success

To accomplish this process, a team of Propel Foundation volunteers conducts teacher trainings, community member trainings (U Can Teach and U Can Learn) so that parents and other community members can support students, health/hygienic education programs, leadership training, sports and fine arts camps, nutrition programs for the children and the elderly.  Propel also helps to determine long-range goals to maintain or replace school structures and to provide books and teaching supplies.  Teams return at least four times during the year, to continue programs, to extend the trainings, to sustain relationships, and to move communities toward self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Propel is committed to

  • LISTENING to and identify needs;
  • PLANNING and developing goals collaboratively with teachers and community leaders;
  • EDUCATING children and community members so they have the tools to reach those goals;
  • PROPELLING communities to achieve success 

Current Programs

Teacher training:  Propel presents multiple day trainings for Primary and Upper Elementary teachers.  The goals are to help the teachers use the National Curriculum effectively as a guide for instruction and to introduce strategies and methods that are engaging and meaningful to the students. During the workshops teachers have the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and discuss concerns and successes in their classrooms.

Leadership Training:  Effective leaders contribute to the sustainability of current programs.  When the directors of the schools or committed teachers know how to lead they can provide the motivation and guidance that will create the momentum for the current programs. Leadership skills are taught, practiced and supported by the Propel team.  The leaders in the schools and communities will be the sustaining force behind growth and continued success.

Nutrition programs for children and the elderly:  Propel is currently working with school directors and community members to provide 2 acres of land near each school.  The land will provide space for crops that can feed the children, while they are at school, and the elderly.  Fund-raising has begun to purchase the land, seed, and a posho machine, a machine that grinds corn to make posho, a type of porridge.

Sports Camps:  Propel teams often conduct Sports Camps for the students while the teachers are attending the workshop.  The goals for the camps are learning new games, working as a team, and learning and practicing good sportsmanship and leadership skills as they play.

School Support: Many of the school structures cannot withstand the high winds and rain during the rainy season.  Propel is collaborating with donors, builders, and local community members to begin replacing the classrooms with more permanent structures that will solve this problem. 

Health/Hygiene Education:  Part of Propel’s vision is to address the health and well-being of the students.  At this time, Propel has provided menstruation kits to 2000 young women and has purchased a machine that makes menstruation pads so that we can sustain the supply for the young women.  This program has already had great results because the lack of supplies has kept many girls from going to school. Now they are able to attend.

2016 Programs

In addition to the ongoing support of Propel's current programs, we are looking to add several new programs in 2016.

Health & Wellness, including

  • Nutrition/ Food Program for Schools from Farming Program
  • Medical Care/ Visiting Medical Teams and Education Programs (Wound Care/ Infection Care, Chigger Care, etc.)
  • Elder Care Program - (This program will provide elders with basic nutritional needs from Farming Program)

Educational Development and Training, including

  • Teacher Trainings (4 times a year)
  • Learning Materials (Supplies, books etc.) - 3,000 writing books have been given by a donor
  • Pastor and Director Trainings
  • Special Needs Trainings
  • U Can Learn/ U Can Teach Program for parents/ relatives and community - Program to help the children with school before K
  • Teacher Salaries

Schools / Villages Economic Sustainability Programs, including

  • Purchase of Land for Farming Program
  • Purchase of Menstruation Pad Machine (Already funded by donor)
  • Creating community jobs in several areas
  • Bore Hole construction/ Water for Schools Program
  • Posho Machine purchase
  • School Structures (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

New Church Development (Sponsored by Vintage Church, Lawrence, KS U.S)