Listen. Plan. Educate. Propel.

Creating change makers. 

Propel is seeking to create a revolution of change through its programs and we need your help. Here you can find Propel's fundraising opportunities. Thank you for your support! 

Who are we? 

Propel is a non-profit foundation which was founded on the belief that education is a fundamental right, whether that be inside or outside of the classroom.  Propel is dedicated to creating sustainable communities with self -sufficient educational systems and community development programs. Propel is also committed to providing health and nutrition education and support for all age groups. 

What do we do?

Propel follows these steps as we build relationships and work with schools and communities:

1. Listening to and identifying needs
2. Planning and developing goals collaboratively with teachers and

    community members
3. Educating children and community members so that they have the

    tools to reach those goals
4. Propelling communities to achieve success.

A team of Propel Foundation volunteers conducts teacher trainings, community member trainings (U Can Teach and U Can Learn) so that parents and other community members can support students, health education programs, leadership training, sports camps, nutrition programs for the children and the elderly.  Teams return at least four times during the year, to continue programs, to extend the trainings, to sustain relationships, and to move communities toward self-sufficiency and sustainability.

How do we impact communities?

At this time Propel is working in Uganda.  We are currently working with 27 villages and their schools. As we discussed the needs of the villages with community and school leaders, education and health were of utmost importance.

Propel has

1.  provided teacher training
2.  funded the repair and rebuilding of a classroom and the addition of

     3 new classrooms and an office
3.  provided food for 14 elders (every month)
4.  initiated a young women’s hygiene program which provided

     menstruation kits for 1,500 students.
5.  provided school supplies, backpacks, and shoes to many students
6.  planned the purchase of farm land where food for students would

     be grown with school leaders
7. purchased a machine that will make feminine hygiene pads from

    natural resources

Why do we need you?

This campaign is dedicated to our current work in Uganda. We are excited about our reoccurring trips to continue our work.  Our next trip is in October.

Your donation is needed to ensure that the following needs are met:

1.  Ongoing teacher training
2.  Shoes for the children to protect them from insects that carry

     debilitating disease.
3.  Purchasing land so that villages can raise grain and vegetables to

     feed the children
4.  Repairing and building new classrooms
5.  Parent education
6.  Purchasing food for the elderly
7.  Sports Camps for the students
8.  Health/ nutrition training and meeting medical needs
9. Purchasing school supplies and textbooks

Please visit our Indiegogo page and help support our mission.