Listen. Plan. Educate. Propel.

Listen, Plan, Educate, Propel

The vision of Propel is to ignite passionate and productive education among teachers, community members, and volunteers and inspire quality learning among all children and adults. From teacher trainings to community development and elder care, the Propel Foundation's main focus is to help create sustainable communities centered on academics and well being. 

We accomplish this through: 

  • Teacher training though the Propel Education Consultancy ‚Äč 
  • Classroom materials donations 
  • International and domestic education strategy 
  • Follow-up resources and Propel accreditation for each completed program 
  • Parent education programs 
  • Personal health and hygiene education 
  • Support for elders in the community 

Those of us at Propel recognize the passion and dedication of mentors, community members, and teachers from all over the world who want to give their time and talents to their communities. We are eager to engage in further training to gain the necessary skills to be better mentors, teachers, and community members.